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Green buildings attract, retain, satisfy tenants

April, 2017

For years – approximately 15 since LEED certifications were introduced – much of the motivation for going green or adopting sustainability best practices has focused on cost savings from energy, water and other forms of conservation. The cost savings are real and valid and can add significantly to property value that is being appraised for acquisition or financing.

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Investors fueling hike in green valuation

August 2014

As a commercial real estate appraiser — and the only one in New York City with a LEED-AP — I have long been both a proponent of green real estate best practices and in the forefront of valuing green real estate, a complex and relatively new area of appraisal.

The appraiser’s job is to reflect the thoughts and actions of real estate investors who finance new construction, major renovation projects and property purchases in their analyses of what a building is worth.

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Schleider is star member of exclusive green club

October 2013

In the super competitive New York City real estate market, it is difficult, if not impossible, to be the “one and only” in any discipline.

But Steven Schleider has achieved the impossible as the only commercial real estate appraiser with a LEED AP BC+D designation, a hard-earned credential that places him in the forefront of green valuation. If there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, then the genesis of Steve’s decision to pursue a LEED AP began with such an idea, which was The Solaire, the first green residential building in the United States.

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